In need of some Fitness Motivation? 

Good Morning! This post is a special one to me because I personally have had a hard time waking up in the morning when the alarm goes off… Mondays especially!

I believe the main reason is that it’s Winter. My circadian rhythm is telling me to sleep more because the days are shorter and our sleep hormones respond accordingly. Fortunately we all have a purpose and we all need to wake up and go to work. As a trainer, I need to wake up way before the sun starts to rise and I often just want to hit that snooze button! I set the alarm for 5:30am every day in order to train a client, teach a workout class, or get my own workout in before my work day starts. I don’t allow myself to be late to work, however, sometimes I miss my morning workout. Sound familiar? 

If you miss your morning workout, don’t let it ruin your day. Don’t even start feeling guilty. Sometimes you really just need to sleep! If you are stressed or sleep deprived, sleep can sometimes be better for you than waking up to do a high intensity interval training session anyway.

On Mondays, we often feel the side effects of a poor diet from the weekend. I don’t know about you, but my cheat days are Sundays. Mondays roll around and I feel tired and heavy from the “treats” I had the day before. We lack the fitness motivation mainly because of a poor diet. Sugar is a common culprit. Alcohol, gluten, dairy, and most carbs are also to blame. They make us feel yucky and low energy the next 48 hours after consumption. The next time you eat a bunch of cookies, pay attention to how you feel the next couple days. Then, eat clean and pay attention to how you feel. Sometimes the “treats” are worth it because you enjoy them and it’s fun to indulge a little sometimes after being really good all week. Realistically you just need to decide when you are okay with having a day or two of poor performance! Thats when you should enjoy a cheat meal/snack!

Make up for that missed workout and feel better on the days you feel low energy. 

Try these Fitness Motivation Ideas to Move More in March!

  1. Set an alarm to get up from sitting every 45 minutes to do some incline pushups at your desk, a few flights of stairs, or 25 squats. This “break” will take only 5 minutes!
  2. Before you set foot in the house after work, go for a walk around the neighborhood. This 15 minute walk will help you wind down from your day while you appreciate your beautiful surroundings. 
  3. Park far away from the door. Get in an extra 5-10 minutes of brisk walking to and from your destination!
  4. Set up a “walk and talk” meeting. Some meetings can be done on the go. Meet a client/co-worker at the park. You can walk and talk around the park or around the block at your work for a 1/2 hour.
  5. Try the video on the bottom of this post. It is a great booty workout! You can do it anywhere and anytime you have 5 minutes! Take a work break and try it out! If you like it, share it with a friend!

Move More in March! Get off your butt and get healthy this month with these fitness motivation ideas to help you get fit! You don’t always need a gym and sometimes we just don’t have enough time to fit in an hour long workout. I hope these fitness motivation ideas help you make small changes to your lifestyle that will have a profound impact on your overall health and fitness!

How about doing a 5 Minute Workout?

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Disclaimer: Please check with your doctor and have it cleared before beginning any new exercise or diet program.  I am not a doctor or registered dietician, my blog is opinion based and I do not claim to diagnose, treat, or cure any cause, condition or disease. All information provided is for informational purposes only; it is not medical advice and has not been approved by the FTC or FDA. Please always communicate with your doctor to make any decisions or changes regarding your health, as your doctor is the only one who knows what is right for you.

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Working as a personal trainer and group fitness/ Pilates instructor in Los Angeles has been a dream come true. With 20 years of dance background, and graduating from college as captain of my dance team ranked #1 in the country, I was inspired to get into Fitness as a career and moved on my own from Maryland to California. I now have more than a decade of experience in fitness and a strong list of qualifications and certifications. I’m an NASM certified personal trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine), Certified Primal Blueprint Expert (Primal/ Paleo/ Ancestral Health, Lifestyle, Nutrition, & Fitness Expert) and Certified in Classical-Progressive Pilates Reformer, Chair, Cadillac and Mat from Pilates Sports Center. I’m also certified in several barre workouts, pre and postnatal fitness, and a specialist in Heart Rate Performance. I’ve helped people of all ages and levels, including Hollywood celebrities, pre and post-natal mommies, and pro athletes reach their health and fitness goals. I love to teach a challenging, fun, intense workout while I focus a lot on form and mind/ body connection. I’m confident that you and I will make a great team!

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