Primal and Paleo Style Beef and Broccoli in Red Thai Curry Recipe by I’m Fit & Happy Chef, Adam Weston. 

Grass Fed Beef and Broccoli in Red Thai Curry Recipe
Serves 2
A delicious paleo dinner that can be made in minutes
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Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
15 min
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
15 min
  1. About a pound of Grass-Fed Ground Beef
  2. Thai Red Curry, how much can you handle?
  3. Organic Broccoli
  4. Organic Garlic
  5. Organic Cilantro
  6. Organic Avocado
  7. Organic Scallion
  8. Dry White Wine or Stock
  9. Fish Sauce
  1. If you can make the thai curry from scratch, all the better. I have a recipe here on the site. If you buy Thai Curry I recommend Mae Ploy brand. It is amazing and as close to authentic as I have seen.
  2. Start with a little water in the bottom of a sauce pan, bring it to a boil and toss in the broccoli and blanch for about a minute or two, until the broccoli starts to soften, drain the water, put the broccoli aside.
  3. Put about a tablespoon, a heaping tablespoon, of red or green curry, I used red here, in a pan on medium heat, move it around and warm it up, releasing the oils and making it nom nom.
  4. Dump in your grass fed ground beef and sauté until the meat is browning.
  5. Pop in a sliced up handful (as much as you want really) of garlic, the cilantro, and scallions and mix over high heat for a minute or so.
  6. Deglaze the pan with about a cup of white wine or chicken stock and mix all the goodness together
  7. Shake in a few hits of the fish sauce and you are good to go
  8. Toss in the reserved blanched broccoli, it probably is cooked perfectly now that it rested
  9. Plate it in a bowl and put some cubed fresh avocado on top
  1. It's about 6:30 pm and Im waiting for Kelly to come home. I have some chicken in the smoker, my mouth is watering writing this recipe...thinking of saving the chicken and making this instead!
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