Twice a year, my husband and I try a 21 day detox.

We cut out the following for 21 days:

  • Sugar
  • Grains
  • Processed Foods
  • Gluten
  • Dairy
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Red Meat

When we are not detoxing, we eat Primal/Paleo. We focus mostly on eating the best quality Fish, Chicken, Meat, Eggs, Vegetables, Fruit, Nuts, & Seeds. Besides the red meat, all of these food choices are allowed on the detox! We also love coffee and wine but they are not allowed on the detox! On the weekends, we enjoy a small amount of raw dairy, dark chocolate, and the occasional cheat meal when we go out to a nice Italian Restaurant..all of which are not allowed on the detox.

We don’t like the way we feel when we consume grains and processed foods. We both experience bloating, sluggishness, and cravings. I don’t like to be on a diet, and eating Primally is definitely not a diet. The food choices are extremely satisfying, they leave me feeling healthy, strong, and keep my energy up. 

The 21 day detox is to cleanse from the foods and beverages we have been enjoying too much of. In the past 6 months, I would say I have had too much coffee, wine, cheese, red meat, sugar, and gluten/grains. I am going to try my best to create healthier habits by eating more vegetables, drinking more herbal tea, snacking less, and getting sufficient sleep. I’m simply taking action now to create a healthy lifestyle and be more mindful with what I eat/drink.

Day 4 of my 21 Day Detox:

Well, I was right about feeling better on day 4. Knowing that day 4 was going to be a lot easier is one of the factors that kept me motivated. Another factor that kept me motivated to stay on track even though I experienced fatigue, headaches, and muscle pain, was natural energy. Natural energy does not come from caffeine. I love my coffee in the morning, but it’s no fun when you wake up feeling tired every morning, and feel like you NEED a cup of coffee to get going. I want to enjoy a cup of coffee but not rely on it to wake me up.

This morning I had no problem waking up early. I actually noticed I was less clumsy than I normally am when I’m not on a detox. It can get a little messy in the kitchen at 5:30am when you are half asleep trying to blend a Bulletproof coffee (Bulletproof brewed coffee blended with MCT oil and butter), then blend up a green shake (spinach, water, and a piece of fruit), AND put away dishes from the night before. When I’m tired, I’m clumsy! But this morning, everything just happened.. organized, easy, and clean! I was pretty shocked! I wasn’t blending up a bullet proof coffee this morning because I’m not drinking coffee on the detox, however, I did make a green shake and some tea:) The kitchen was all organized and clean before I left for work!

Dinner was amazing: Opah, leftover cabbage salad, and avocado. So amazing! Check out Adams Instagram @adamseye to follow his Primal Recipes!

Although I am on this 21 day detox, I am also practicing general healthy habits. I tend to snack and I also want dessert after dinner. These are not very healthy habits! Over time, they can cause weight gain, get in the way of personal goals, and affect your sleep.  I went to the store today and resisted the urge to buy one of my favorite snacks… Almond Butter. Almond butter is a great snack if you only eat a tablespoon amount. I tend to go overboard and end up eating a cup of almond butter as I dip my apple or dark chocolate into it. I said no to the almond butter and felt so good about myself!

I’m also trying not to eat too much fruit while on this detox because I’m cutting back on my sugar. I allow fruit in the detox but only 1-2 servings a day. No processed sugar is allowed for the full 21 days so my favorite dark chocolate bar is not allowed for 17 more days 😉 Fruit has a lot of sugar in it and this is the reason why I only allow myself to have 1-2 servings. I enjoy 1 serving of fruit in my green shake (usually 1/2 grapefruit, and 1/2 an apple or something like that). Dried fruit such as dates and raisins are not part of this detox because they are so high in sugar and sometimes have added sugar. 

Day 5 of my 21 Day Detox:

Today I felt full of energy compared to the first 4 days! I took one of my favorite workouts (Shift by Dana Perri) this morning. Shift by Dana Perri is the ultimate group exercise class! We do pushups, squats, planks, and high intensity intervals. This is a very challenging class and it felt so good to push my body physically. I even had energy to clean and organize the house this afternoon. I felt clear headed and energetic today. I had tea in the morning before I started training clients, and a green shake for breakfast before my workout. Lunch was a leafy green salad with avocado chunks and olive oil dressing, and two easy eggs on the side. Dinner was a roasted chicken with sauerkraut, turnips, and onions on the side.

Day 6 of my 21 day detox:

I’ve been sleeping like a baby and feeling so good because I’m taking such good care of myself. Even though I woke up early to start training clients on a Saturday, I felt relaxed and peaceful. I usually feel exhausted by noon because I started at 6am, but today, I felt good because I am taking such great care of my body. 

It’s really interesting to think about how we drink coffee to get energy, but it actually stresses our bodies, affects our sleep, and causing burnout overtime if we drink too much of it. Maybe the reason we wake up feeling tired and needing coffee is because of the coffee we drank the day before. I think its important to be mindful about how much caffeine and sugar we consume because they are the reason we end up feeling so exhausted! I can’t help it, I love my coffee, but I think in general, drinking too much coffee puts us over the edge because we are already experiencing environmental, emotional, and physical stress. Drinking too much coffee can lead to trouble sleeping, anxiety, and low energy or reliance on coffee and sugar. I am not saying anyone should stop drinking coffee, I just think we should all be more mindful of when and how much we are drinking it. That’s all!

Day 7 of my 21 day detox:

I woke up early after a deep sleep and headed to Manhattan Beach where I teach group Pilates classes on Sundays and Mondays. I felt pretty good. I thought once or twice how a cup of coffee would be lovely, but I didn’t feel like I needed it have the energy to teach. I just LOVE coffee! I love the whole experience. When I love something, I don’t want to give it up all together, I’m just taking a break to give my body time to get back to its optimal performance mode. I LOVE it when I am performing at my best and I feel myself getting back to that. Just another few days and I will be in my optimal performance mode. 

Cravings are disappearing. I have more control over what and when I eat. When I’m not on the detox, I have a hard time with snacking and thinking I’m hungry when I’m not. When you stay away from sugar and processed carbs, you stop craving them and you don’t feel hungry all the time.

This detox is not all about elimination. It’s actually the opposite. It’s all about adding in more rest, recovery, relaxation, and more vegetables! I’ve been taking amazing epsom salt baths, napping outside in the garden by the waterfall, going to bed early, and drinking more herbal tea. Today, I finally get to have a massage! I’m one happy girl:) As I sit here writing this article, my husband is planting more vegetables in the garden! The garden is looking beautiful and the onions, peppers, and herbs we are pulling from the garden are out of this world! It’s not too late to start yours!

If you haven’t read the Carb Curve Challenge, check it out! It will help you understand how many carbs to eat per day to achieve your body composition goals!

How about doing a 5 Minute Workout?

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Disclaimer: Please check with your doctor and have it cleared before beginning any new exercise or diet program.  I am not a doctor or registered dietician, my blog is opinion based and I do not claim to diagnose, treat, or cure any cause, condition or disease. All information provided is for informational purposes only; it is not medical advice and has not been approved by the FTC or FDA. Please always communicate with your doctor to make any decisions or changes regarding your health, as your doctor is the only one who knows what is right for you.

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Working as a personal trainer and group fitness/ Pilates instructor in Los Angeles has been a dream come true. With 20 years of dance background, and graduating from college as captain of my dance team ranked #1 in the country, I was inspired to get into Fitness as a career and moved on my own from Maryland to California. I now have more than a decade of experience in fitness and a strong list of qualifications and certifications. I’m an NASM certified personal trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine), Certified Primal Blueprint Expert (Primal/ Paleo/ Ancestral Health, Lifestyle, Nutrition, & Fitness Expert) and Certified in Classical-Progressive Pilates Reformer, Chair, Cadillac and Mat from Pilates Sports Center. I’m also certified in several barre workouts, pre and postnatal fitness, and a specialist in Heart Rate Performance. I’ve helped people of all ages and levels, including Hollywood celebrities, pre and post-natal mommies, and pro athletes reach their health and fitness goals. I love to teach a challenging, fun, intense workout while I focus a lot on form and mind/ body connection. I’m confident that you and I will make a great team!

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