Want to blow your top off with an amazing healthy quinoa salad, try this one. What does RAD mean anyway? Eat the truffled avocado’s and you will know what it means.

RAD Spring Quinoa Salad with Truffled Avacado | Fit & Happy Daily

Quinoa Salad Recipe Ingredients

  • Organic Red and white quinoa cooked
  • Handful of organic radishes sliced
  • Two small or one large avocado cubed and scooped out
  • One bunch of organic parsley
  • A few large organic scallions
  • Handful of (yes, organic) mint leaves chopped
  • Couple of handfuls of Organic Cherry tomatoes quartered
  • A couple glugs of olive oil
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • Lemon juice


RAD Spring Quinoa Salad with Truffled Avacado | Fit & Happy Daily

Recipe Instruction

I do this salad in three parts concurrently.

Part 1: Take equal parts of the red and white quinoa and drop them in a sauce pan. How much depends on how many you are cooking for. Try about a 1/2 cup each for you and a mate. Cover the quinoa with water then add more water so the level reaches the first joint of one of your fingers. It is not exact science for me, I don’t measure anything. Cook that off on low-low after it starts a boil, with the top on of course. Check in and fluff, you’ll know if you need to add more water. The quinoa will take about 10 to 15 minutes to cook.

RAD Spring Quinoa Salad with Truffled Avacado | Fit & Happy Daily

Part 2: While all that cooking magic is taking place, chop the parsley up fine, see the image above, add the tomato and fine chopped mint,  then squeeze out the juice of a lemon, add a splash of the balsamic and a few glugs of good olive oil, toss this up by flicking the bowl a few times, or use a spoon if you are a rookie. It should be pretty “wet”. Now chop up the radishes any way you like, I like them sliced (refer to the image to the left), chuck them in the bowl. Chop up the scallions, I like the ones with the large white bulb on the bottom, they are mild and add a unique flavor profile. Chuck them in the bowl. Toss it all up with the parsley mixture. Salt and pepper to taste. Try cutting down on your salt use over time, you will taste the food and it is mas healthy. Set this salad aside.

RAD Spring Quinoa Salad with Truffled Avacado | Fit & Happy Daily

Part 3. Cube up the avocado and spoon out into a separate bowl. Drizzle some good white truffle oil all over the avocado, a pinch of salt is good here too, set this aside for a second.

Let’s put it all together!

Take the warm quinoa that you just cooked and toss it into the salad mixture. Mix it up good, taste, adjust if you need to. Plate this salad on a large tray or plater. Now carefully drop the truffled avocado in a straight line on the top of the salad. WOW…yum.

Facts: Unfamiliar to many people, quinoa (KEEN-wah wah) The last wah is silent, is a superfood native to South America. It is nutrient rich and has impressive biodiversity. Unlike wheat or other cereal grains, it has anti-inflammatory properties and is high in protein.


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