Here is a quick and easy grilled swordfish recipe. I used to eat more swordfish, however due to mercury content, overfishing, and cost, I save it for a decadent treat every now and again. This recipe is fast, fresh, and simple.

Grilled Swordfish Recipe Ingredients

  • 1 lbs good quality FRESH wild caught swordfish
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1 avocado
  • Smoked Paprika
  • Cumin

Recipe Instruction

Use a garlic crusher and crush the garlic. Spread the crushed paste over one side of the fish. Lightly sprinkle the paprika and cumin, along with some salt and pepper. Be sparing with the seasoning as the fish is so good alone, we don’t want to cover up the taste with over seasoning.

Slice up the avocado into long slices and put them aside for plating.

Heat your grill up for 10 min, get it good and hot. This will cook the fish fast and give nice grill marks. The key to cooking a kick butt piece of fish is to NOT overcook it. Swordfish is loaded with Omega 3’s and is on the oily side as compared to halibut for example, if cooked properly it will be juicy and wonderful. Start with the garlic side up. Cover the grill and cook for a minute or 2. Flip the fish for a minute and get some grill marks on the other side. Don’t overcook, you want the fish to be on the medium rare side, that is the center should be rare still. The fish will continue to cook once you remove it from the grill, this is the nature of fish cooking!

Plate the fish, distribute the avocado slices over the top and drizzle with a bit of truffle olive oil. You can finish it off with a very light pinch of celtic salt, this adds a pop to the avocado.

You are done. You can serve this with some grilled asparagus, or alone with a nice side salad. I picked a few mild chili peppers from the garden and tossed them on the grill along with the fish, these were a nice compliment. For some spice, chop up fine slices of a hot pepper and serve on the side.

Facts:  A serving of swordfish weighs 3 ounces, or 85 grams, and it contains only 146 calories and no carbohydrates. Swordfish is among the species of fish that can be high in methylmercury. 

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