3 Tips for a Complete 5 minute Core Workout:

Next time you have the energy to workout and want to try something new, try 2 sets of the following 3 exercises to get an amazing 5 minute core workout.

Optional Props: A Mat and 2lb weights. 

1. Transverse Abdominis and Diaphragm: When you are working your core, you always want to think about pulling your abs “IN”. IF you allow them to push out, you are basically training them to develop the way they look when they are pushed out. Think about it this way, always train your self the way you want to look. If you want a sleek, toned midsection, then I suggest pulling them in towards your body while you exhale deeply. This is how you will get a strong, toned core!

Lay on your back holding 2lb wts (if you have them) straight up in the air with your legs bent and feet on the floor. Keeping your arms in the air throughout the entire exercise, inhale to prepare, then roll up slowly to a seated position while you exhale deeply. Inhale to prepare, then roll down slowly while you exhale deeply. Move as slowly as you can and do not use any momentum. Try your best to articulate your spine moving through the movement one vertebrae at a time. Repeat for 1 minute. 

2. Erector Spinae and Multifidus (Back): It’s important to strengthen your back as it is a major part of your core. All of  your back muscles surrounding your spine help with spinal flexibility and spinal stability. Improving spinal flexibility and stability will help you to maintain proper posture and alignment and also help to prevent injury.

Start on your belly holding 2lb weights with your arms out to the sides and your legs straight and hip width apart. Point your thumbs up and keep them pointed up throughout the exercise. To prevent compression in your lower back and neck, keep your abs in and your chin tucked like your holding an apple under it throughout the entire exercise. Slowly, and with control, lift and lower your legs, chest and arms at the same time. Squeeze your butt as tight as you can and lift your arms as high as you can, stretching your chest.  You should feel this in your butt and back. Repeat for 1 minute.

3. Obliques: Now that we have targeted the front and back of the core, it’s time to work the sides to make sure we target the entire core during this complete 5 minute core workout.

Perform a pushup with legs straight and together and arms straight and shoulder width apart. After one pushup, slowly shift your weight onto one hand and stack your shoulders, hips and feet while reaching one arm straight up in the air. Return to your pushup position, pushup, and repeat on the other side. Always double check to make sure your hand is exactly under your shoulder. Your supporting arm should always be perfectly perpendicular with the floor. Repeat for 30 seconds. 

Make sure you repeat these 3 exercises one more time to get a complete 5 minute core workout. This 5 minute core workout can be done 2-5 times a week. Enjoy and please share with your friends!


How about doing a 5 Minute Workout?

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Disclaimer: Please check with your doctor and have it cleared before beginning any new exercise or diet program.  I am not a doctor or registered dietician, my blog is opinion based and I do not claim to diagnose, treat, or cure any cause, condition or disease. All information provided is for informational purposes only; it is not medical advice and has not been approved by the FTC or FDA. Please always communicate with your doctor to make any decisions or changes regarding your health, as your doctor is the only one who knows what is right for you.

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Working as a personal trainer and group fitness/ Pilates instructor in Los Angeles has been a dream come true. With 20 years of dance background, and graduating from college as captain of my dance team ranked #1 in the country, I was inspired to get into Fitness as a career and moved on my own from Maryland to California. I now have more than a decade of experience in fitness and a strong list of qualifications and certifications. I’m an NASM certified personal trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine), Certified Primal Blueprint Expert (Primal/ Paleo/ Ancestral Health, Lifestyle, Nutrition, & Fitness Expert) and Certified in Classical-Progressive Pilates Reformer, Chair, Cadillac and Mat from Pilates Sports Center. I’m also certified in several barre workouts, pre and postnatal fitness, and a specialist in Heart Rate Performance. I’ve helped people of all ages and levels, including Hollywood celebrities, pre and post-natal mommies, and pro athletes reach their health and fitness goals. I love to teach a challenging, fun, intense workout while I focus a lot on form and mind/ body connection. I’m confident that you and I will make a great team!

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