Every wonder how butter was made? Here is a great homemade butter recipe and explanation of what butter actually is. Maybe more than you need to know, but interesting anyway.

Milk is mostly water with about 5 to 10 percent protein and fat globules. Cream is milk that contains closer to 15 to 25 percent fat globules.  What the heck is a globule, well a globule is a tiny membrane filled with fat molecules, a little bag of fat! How cool is that? Did you know that water and oil CAN mix? They do in milk (and cream). The globules are so small and fat is lighter than water, it ends up floating. This is referred to as a stable suspension. The bigger the fat bags, the slower it moves, hence cream has bigger bags of fat than milk.

homemade_butter1You’re killing me Smalls! Tell me how to make butter already.

Technically, when the bags of fat are blended, churned, or shaken up, they smash against each other and explode. The fat spills out and clumps together with the contents of other bursted bags of fat, this causes the freed fat to separate from the water (the whey). As the process continues, two new substances are formed…yeah, duh, a solid (butter) and the remaining liquid, the buttermilk. Check out the picture on the right, see the butter separated from the buttermilk, magic!

Buttermilk is actually quite good and nothing like the thick pasteurized stuff you get at the store. You can put it in shakes or cook with it.

So here’s how to make homemade butter:

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