Sugar free Challenge I'm Fit & Happy

Sugar Free June Challenge

If you want to slow down the aging process, lose weight, improve your skin and increase your energy, join me in participating in I’m Fit & Happy’s Sugar Free June Challenge.
Low Carb High Fat Challenge

January Low Carb High Fat Challenge

Transform your body and kickstart a healthy new year  with our January Low Carb High Fat Challenge! You can achieve 80% of your body composition goals just by eating primally!  I will show you how you...
Holiday Fitness Challenge

60 Second Holiday Fitness Challenge!

Stay Fit & Happy during the holidays this year with fun holiday fitness! We know you are busy during the Holidays and this means that meeting your trainer or keeping your group fitness class appointment are...
Best Workout to help with Posture

Best Workout to Improve Posture

Pilates is the best workout to improve posture and proper body alignment especially when you have a personal trainer to help guide you. The exercise in the picture works the back of the shoulder and upper/...