Black Cod Recipe

Wild Caught Black Cod Recipe with Organic Grape & Tomato Salsa

Kelly and I went on a amazing hill walk after we both finished work today. It's about a 2 mile route with 2 substantial hills. Even walking, you get your heart rate up. This is our time to detached from the phone, internet, and work day. Fit and Happy 50/50 is all about fitness AND nutrition. Funny thing today, as we were getting our walk on, we were talking food. Kelly stopped at the store and picked up some wild caught black cod**
Sardine Salad | I'm Fit & Happy

Simply Amazing Sardine Salad

I like to rely on ingredients that we have in the fridge and pantry and come up with something quick and special. Yesterday I made an amazing salad with what we had in the house. Pick a key ingredient, in this case I used a can of Wild Caught Sockeye Salmon. Check out the notes at the end of this recipe for info on salmon.